T3™ Screensaver

T3™ Screensaver

T3TM Screensaver brings a future of destruction to your desktop
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Do you remember the movie series “Terminator”?
Now it even has its own TV series too.
What did you think about the possibility of that kind of future?
A future ruled by machines, which only mission is to exterminate mankind.

T3TM Screensaver brings a future of destruction to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will take you to what could be your final journey.
You will be transported to the future.
The Place? Los Angeles, U.S.A.
The year? 2029.
Hey! That’s not THAT far from today!
You will be walking, and trying to survive on the streets of what used to be the great city of L.A.
Everything around you is in ruins. Buildings are destroyed, cars are piled up completely useless, and there is hardly any light on at night.

You will play the role of one of the few human survivors, who are not willing to give up to the machines so easily.
But, suddenly… Watch out! The machines!
You turn around, and discover a gigantic machine with very long legs that is searching for humans.
You try to hide to avoid being discovered, but in that moment a series of shots start coming out of the machine to where you and your friends are hiding.

T3TM Screensaver will surely get your attention. Your family and friends will also enjoy it and you will be able to discuss about it.
And, if you are a fan of T3, you are going to love it!

Fernando Soni
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  • Very nice
  • Great for T3 fans


  • If you are not a fan, maybe you will watch it just for a while
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